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18  books/Ebooks by Jesus Villalobos

"Three Days of Darkness and the Coming Flood"

"Time for Truth"

"Forgotten Keys of the Kingdom"

"R.A.I.N." (Retaliatory And Inverse Navigation)

"2012 and Beyond"

"The Character of God: Mercy of God; Wrath of God"

"Dream Interpretation' Has God sent you a Word"

"Mathematics and Scripture"

"Revelation of Mysterious Patterns within the Word of God"

"AntiChrist's Birth; The Solomon Island Mystery" (book 1)

"The Legend of the Cave" (book 2)

"AntiChrist's Rise; The Call to Arms" (book 3)

"AntiChrist's Dark Hour; The Revelation of the Children of Light"" (book 4)

"AntiChrist's Reign; AntiChrist's Fall" (book 5 final)

"Are there Few to be Saved: "The Hard Truth" Published March 2015

"End of Days" Truth is Stranger than Fiction

"Language of Scripture"

"False Doctrines; Misconceptions Inside the Church"